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Did you that there are over 500 different languages spoken in the country of Nigeria? Did you know that most Nigerians speak 2 or more languages? Did you know that in 2003, out of a survey of 65 countries published in the UK’s New Scientist magazine that Nigerians topped the list as the happiest people on Earth? Did you know that Nigeria is the 32nd largest country in the world?

Did you know that sumo wrestling is an up and coming sport in Nigeria? Did you know that English is the official language of Nigeria? Did you know that Nigeria is the richest country in West Africa? Did you know that Nigeria is one of the largest exporters of oil in the world? Did you know that Nigeria is the 5th largest importer of oil to the United States?

Nigeria is a beautiful country with a wealth of knowledge and people. NigeriaSearchEngine.com was created to help you search for information about the 32nd largest country in the world.


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Important facts about Nigeria:

  1. Nigeria has a population of more than 150 million people. 
  2. Archaeological studies show that human habitation dates back to at least 9000 BC. 
  3. The most populous country in Africa. 
  4. The 7th most populous country in the world. 
  5. On October 1, 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from the United Kingdom. 

According to Wikipedia, there are more than 500 language currently estimated and catalogued in Nigeria. English is the official language of Nigeria, as Nigeria is formerly a British colony.


The six most commonly spoken languages in Nigeria:

  1. Yoruba 
  2. Hausa 
  3. Igbo 
  4. Fulfulde 
  5. Kanuri 
  6. Ibibio 


Nigeria has been influenced by its rich trade history and it shows in their foods. Many current staples in of the Nigerian diet were actually introduced by Portuguese and British traders. Cassava, which is like a yam is one such food that was introduced by the Portuguese. Various seasonings and spices were also introduced by traders and explorers from other lands.


Stew and FuFu is an extremely common food combination that is prepared throughout Nigeria. How it is prepared depends on what part of Nigeria you are from. Nigerians who relocate to the United States have adopted new ingredients that are more readily available to them to make this very delicious meal. Fried plantains is also very popular within Nigeria.